"Yulia introduced me to Pilates Reformer training, and since working with her I have seen my body change, become leaner and more toned! Her knowledge of body positioning and technique allows for a varied workout and reassurance that I am exercising correctly. She is not only a creative trainer, but always optimistic and keeps my energy level up! Yulia has crafted a unique training style that empowers her clients to strive to be whollisticly healthy and active. For the entirety of our training together she has been dedicated to helping me achieve my fitness goals and constant in her positive reinforcement. I would highly recommend her not only as a personal trainer/instructor but as a very devoted and passionate person"~ Meghan Simmons,  Christie's NYC and former athlete

"Yulia's techniques are amazing! She pushes me to work hard and to grow
stronger - and I'm not the only person who notices results. My body is
leaner, I stand taller, and I feel more confident. Most importantly,
it's always fun!"~ Betsey Thomas, Branding Professional

"I am forever indebted to Yulia. Her pilates class not only kicked my ass into shape, it also saved my back. I herniated my L4/L5 discs a couple years ago. And the radiating pain only worsened with time. Before contemplating surgery, I finally decided to give pilates a try. Keep in mind, I’m a 6’4” dude who used to mock guys who did pilates. I will mock no more. Four weeks later, I had ZERO pain. A minor miracle in my opinion. Yulia is the perfect instructor – works you hard, keeps it fun, varies up the workout, and most importantly customizes the exercises for what’s best for you and your body. If only she didn’t make it look so easy." ~Stu Mair, Associate Creative Director/Advertising

"I had been a dancer for part of my life and always enjoyed the physical and mental discipline of taking care of my body's strength and balance. I started working with Yulia since my second Pilates lesson, after several years of not dancing or anything else. My first Pilates instructor lasted one lesson only, the way she was treating my practice was too superficial to get the real sense of what it means asking a former dancer to refit into her own body and mind. Yulia got it instead, her russian-ballerina-serious approach mixes well with a creative way of working your schedule depending on your skills, body shape and personality. We also always have so much fun together that crunching your stomach or pushing yourself into stretching and aligning seems much easier. I believe her level of expertise made me feel confident from the very beginning, I knew the trust was there and I followed her until I got to the point I started learning about my body weaknesses and strengths again. And here I am, closer to the way I used to love to feel. " ~Donatella Caggiano, Public Relations Manager

"Yulia’s Pilates instruction is wonderful!  She is knowledgeable, dynamic and fun.  In a small group setting she is able to customize workout for each person and make it a unique challenge.  Working with Yulia I was able to strengthen my back so that my regular back pains were gone and I was prepared for the overall body strength I would need for pregnancy. Thank you so much for your help and commitment to my health!"~Lauren Shane, Wholesale Commercial Insurance Broker

“Yulia’s instruction is individualized, fun and challenging. I look forward to my sessions with her because I know she will push me beyond what I think my limits are, but she will also make the work-out fun, relaxing and manageable. Even when I am exhausted and don’t feel like exercising, seeing Yulia brightens my day and kicks my butt. She is creative in her approach and confident in her ability to create a pilates-based movement that gets maximum results."~Malina Linkas Malkani, Wellness Dietitian