Physicality by Yulia

 I have had a passion for fitness and health most of my life. As a professional, working in the fitness industry for 10 years, I am enthusiastic about helping people achieve their best! I specialize in movement and not only bettering their bodies but also an overall sense of joy and well-being so they can walk into a room as confident as ever.  As someone who has worked with my body since 6 years old, a national competitive rhythmic gymnast, a dancer, Pilates certified and also an actress, I understand the physicality of the body in unique ways and have the knowledge and experience to improve physique, posture and overall health.  I have worked with all age ranges and skill levels.  Book a session and you will come out feeling great, whether it is an "All-in-One" or a "Stretch Session", I will cater to your needs and make sure there is a sense of comfort with the challenge. 

In sessions, I am friendly, knowledgable, challenging, understand each persons limits, but push you just the right amount. 

  • Pilates Mat and Equipment Certified
  • Bachelor of Arts in Dance -University of CA, Irvine


  • Proper Stretch and increased Flexibility
  •  Proper form, improvement of posture and alignment
  • Toning, lengthening muscles, feeling and looking fit and limber
  • Graceful control of body
  • Ballet
  • Dance cardio
  • Positive encouragement
  • Balanced amount of Challenge, injury prevention